H.P.FRANCE SHOWROOMは1989年より、パリを中心としたヨーロッパの高感度な服飾雑貨を日本のファッション市場に向けて卸売をしています。パリオフィス(現地法人H.P.FRANCE s.a.r.l)、ロンドン支局と連携し、ヨーロッパのファッション文化を伝えています。ブランド、クリエイターと共に成長しながら、深い繋がりを持ち、卸売、PR、小売りをリンクさせて、情熱をもってコレクションを紹介しています。

Since 1989 H.P.FRANCE SHOWROOM has been in a business of wholesale, proposing wide variety of high-end fashion accessories from Europe, mainly from Paris. Furthermore, cooperating with our Paris office (local subsidiary H.P.FRANCE s.a.r.l) and a branch office in London, we are introducing fashion culture from Europe as well. We grow with brand; maintaining a strong bond with creators and linking wholesale, PR, and retail business. We are proudly presenting the collections to Japanese fashion market.



H.P.FRANCE SHOWROOM conducts brand promotions, such as introduces fashion publications and holds press event. We support for improving brand recognition in Japanese market and sales promotion.



We develop H.P.FRANCE direct shops and multi-brand shops specializing in European creator’s fashion accessories. As a result we have created unique and individual consumer market in Japan. We provide service to wholesale client and brand development by utilizing the know-how acquired from operating retail stores.